The Longship API is available in the menu and has a Swagger page that gives details on all method available. Click on the Api specifications (for developers) to navigate to the Swagger page.

Our API enables external businesses to integrate with the Longship platform. The API is secured with two independent API keys. On the Integrations page you can configure an API configuration.

Setting up your first connection

  1. Contact to receive your general API key.
  2. Besides the general API key you need to create an API key on Organisational Unit (OU) level. The API key generated for an OU will only give access to data related to that OU.
    Note: When an API key is created on the highest OU level all data can be accessed with that key.
  3. API keys can be activated and deactivated
  4. If an API key is given Tenant admin privileges it is possible to perform more impactful actions such as the deletion of a charger.