When a specific charger is selected in the overview screen you navigate to its detail screen. This screen enables you to perform charger specific actions.

  1. Shows how long a charger has been connected to the Longship platform. It represents the technical websocket connection which is necessary for both incoming and outgoing communication.
  2. Indicator for when we have received the last 'Heartbeat'. The heartbeat is used by a charger to synchronize its internal time with our the Longship platform.
  3. The number of connectors and their status. Green indicates that the connector is available while red indicates a malfunctioning connector.
  4. Shows to which organization this charger belongs.
  5. Navigate to this tab to see the connectors and their corresponding status. You can also see the last session on each connector. If there was a session you can also navigate to that session.
  6. On the commands tab you are able to send commands to the charger. More about commands can be read on the commands page.
  7. Shows messages of the charger. You can filter on messages and also turn on the live feed to receive messages continuously (for a maximum of one hour).
  8. Shows the configuration of a charger. This configuration is only visible if a successful GetConfiguration command is sent.
  9. Shows all sessions of this charger.
  10. When this checkbox is checked the charger will accept all authorization tokens. That means that the charger will always start charging when you plug it in.