The data export functions enable exporting CDRs within a certain period to a file in CSV format. This is a format that is easy to process for external systems like Excel.

The period can be selected and the CDRs will be filtered based on the create date of the CDR. All CDRs that were created within the selected period, will be exported.

Standard CDRs

There are two methods for exporting basic CDRs:

We onderscheiden twee soorten downloads voor de standaard CDRs:

- Normal

This export format is based on the standard as defined by eViolin. For more information about this format, please refer to

This export creates a separate file per EMP containing the CDRs for that specific EMP. CDRs that were not roamed will be exported in a separate file for further processing.

Both files will be compressed into a single ZIP file.

- Full download

The full download is based on the eViolin standard but it is extended with additional columns to expose extra information. The additonal information is:

- Time zone of the charger

- Local start time of the session

- Local end time of the session

- Unique ID of the location

- OU code of the location

- Tariff that was applicable for the session

- Start Tariff

- kWh tariff

- Time based charging information

- Organization unit code

- Information regarding the location

- ConnectorId

- MeterStart and MeterStop

This export gathers all the CDRs of all the EMPs and saves  them in one separate CSV file. All CDRs that were not roamed, will be exported in a separate file for further processing.

Both files are compressed and stored in a ZIP file.

Reimbursement CDRs

When reimbursement is active, this export is a specialized download for reimbursement CDRs. This export contains additional information regarding reimbursement for home charging and fleet scenarios.

Tarief distribution CDRs

If tariff distribution is applicable, these specialized CDRs can also be exported. This export provides information on how the revenue of the sessions will be divided between the CPO and the customer of the CPO (if applicable).