The session detail page contains all relevant information regarding a specific session.

Session information

This block contains summarizing information regarding the session. One can also use the fast link to jump to the designated charger. Clicking the transaction id will trigger a specialized search of the messagelog. It will open the messagelog screen and only show those raw OCPP messages that are part of this session.

Price en consumption

It explains how much was charged during the session and one can easily jump to the CDR (if the session was completed). This block also shows details regarding pricing and what price components were applicable for this session. A visual representation is also available and can be used to quickly see what the price components were and how much is charged per component.

Authorization information

This block shows information regarding the token that was used to start the session and the result of the authorization step. 

Roaming information

If the session was a roaming session, it shows which EMP was involved and what roaming partner was involved.

Detail information and course

The graph shows the detailed course of the session. This graphical representation is available for both running and finished sessions. From the graph, one can see how fast the charging was, how many kWh were charged per interval and how much in total was charged.

At the bottom fo the screen, there is the block Charging history and it contains detailed information per charging period when it tooks place and what the amount of energy was.

The last block on the right hand side, shows detailed information regarding time-based tariffs (if applicable). It contains detailed steps on how the time-based price was calculated.