The Live Status dashboard shows a list of tiles representing one single charger and detailed information. The list is sorted based on connectivity status. The offline chargers are shown first because these might be chargers that require immediate action.

Offline chargers

The red tile indicates a charger being offline.

This charger lost connectivity. The heartbeat status is unknown since the charger is offline. Connector two and four are available while connector one is charging.

Online chargers

The green tile indicates an online charger.

The icons here display that the charger is online and a heartbeat was received recently. Connector 1 and 2 are available while connector 3 and 4 are unavailable and charging.

Multiple connectors

If there are more than four connectors and the charger, the icons will show a summary of each status.

This is an online charger with a healthy heartbeat status. Eight connectors are available while four connectors are charging