List and search

In the location overview screen, all locations are visible. This list can be filtered by entering (part of) de location name or (part of) the address.

Location detail information 

A location consists of a collection of information that is needed in case a charger is at this location AND in case the charger is publicly accessible for EV drivers. In case of a public charger, information needs to be shared with roaming partners in order to enable drivers to find the chargers via the different channels, apps and maps. In general, finding chargers can be done by querying on address information, charging capacity, AC vs DC etc. To make chargers visible to EV drivers, some mandatory information needs to be entered.

Locatie Id

An unique identification of the location. This information is mandatory and is shared with connected roaming partners.

Public (roaming)

Information regarding the chargers and the locations is only shared when this switch is activated.

POI information

Address information and a phone number in case a driver needs assistance.

Geo location

Coordinates of the location. Generally, the coordinates of the entrance of the location and these coordinates are automatically entered when an address is entered in the lookup field.

The blocks Reimbursement and Fee type (tariff distribution) are explained in different articles.

Adding a charger to a location

One or multiple chargers can be added to a location in a single action. The advantage of this is that address and other relevant POI information only needs to be entered once.

To add a charger toa location, the charger needs to be looked up and selected. A part of the name of the charger can be entered in the search box to find the right charger. Selecting the charger will add the charger to this location.

When a charger is added to a location, additional information about the connectors (EVSEs) need to be provided. This is about charging power, optionally coordinates that are different than the location's, EvseId and a fysical reference. This reference sometimes is used to identify the charger for EV drivers by putting a sticker with this reference. 

Every connector is represented by a block like this.


The importance of the EvseId

The EvseId (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment ID) is an important part of the ecosystem of CPOs, EMPs, NSPs etc. It is a unique identifier for every single connector/evse that is available on the charger. This ID is used by EMP's and presented to the EV drivers. Often, this ID is also presented on the charger.

The EvseId is compiled of a countrycode, the CPO ID (partyID), a fixed character E and a identification that is to be determined by the CPO.

Example: NL*LON*E00001*1 and NL*LON*E00001*2 as two unique identifiers for two connectors of one charger.

The * is optional but Longship adds it for clarity.


Publishing the charger to all the configured roaming partners occurs at the moment the location is saved and the switch Public (roaming) has been toggled. From that moment, all cards that are available via those roaming connections are ready start charging at this charger.