One of the options our platform offers for validating UID's (charging card codes) is adding a UID to a local token group. This allows you to "whitelist" tokens, so your charging station can immediately recognize the card and start charging. More information about the authorization process can be found here.


When you select "Authorization" in the portal, you will access the "Local groups" screen. Here, you can manage local groups, and by selecting "Add," you can create a new group.


  1. Here, you can select the name and Organizational Unit (OU) for individuals who can modify the token group.
  2. You can manually add UID's and give them names. Usually, you receive a UID associated with your card from the Mobility Service Provider (MSP). If you are unsure of your UID, you can swipe your card at the charging station and obtain the UID from the 'Message Log' of your charging station (see here for more information).
  3. You can set token groups for both OU's and individual chargers. You can select one or multiple OU's here. When you choose OU's, the UID's you fill in will be whitelisted for every charging station that falls under these OU's.
  4. It is also possible to import your UID's from a CSV file. Please ensure that the UID's are in the correct format so that our platform can read them accurately.